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Nice one!

Hey dude. I forgot to review this one before. Great stuff. Its a shame it didn't win a daily prize though.


That was awesome, as usual! Well done mate, you get better each time. I'm going to vote for Link to leave the island.

Hell-Fire responds:



This will go down as one of the greatest Newgrounds Submissions ever. Since you went to a huge effort to give the newgrounds community something (40+ hours), I'll write you a detailed review.

Graphics - These are getting better all the time. I think you would have to be the best Sprite animator in the whole of newgrounds. That first sprite scene was nothing short of bloody amazing. The quality of the sprites have also greatly improved.

Style - What can I say? It's drop dead funny with a great serious storyline. That is great style. You also make it really lengthy which is great. It gives be something to look foward to every 3 months or so.

Sound - Some bloody great songs. Adema is great and you make great use of techno remix's (eg - Tetris) which was a great idea. The quality is also pretty dam good as well. It's also the little things such as the real lionheart sound effects.

Violence - Heh heh. Blood count anyone? Bloody perfect once again. I didn't think that anything would top the Cecil vs Bartz fight. The blood is getting better all the time as well. Can't complain here.

Interactivity - Well, this is the most interactive thing on newgrounds actually. We viewers actually get to change the outcome of all the episodes. And I have counted the entire vote sets of some episodes and you are 100% accurate.

Humor - The biggest strength of the series. This is srop dead funny. The tetris, the Sephiroth part, the Aeris Part, the Mario parts. I could go for ever. You are a god in this department. You get better each time.

Overall - BEST.ONE.YET. This is worth Front page for sure. It's just a shame that other people out there wont give this a chance because it has sprites but the people that do watch it give you great scores. I mean come one - 400 reviews at an average of 9.20. This is better than most in the top 50. Basically, your series is a work of art.

Votes - I would have to go with......Rosa. I don't think she adds much to the competition besides from being Cecil's lover. You have still made her interesting but I feel the others are more important.

Until next time.

Hell-Fire responds:


Wow, thanks so much for the review. I love it when people go to the effort of writing detailed comments. And by the way, you made the final Vote. Congrats.

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i just heard this song in sprite survivor. great job


i sort of remember this theme. Bubble bobble is cool

more suikoden

this song it brilliant. Your a good remixer

I have released one movie so far. You should check it out.

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